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Mobil Money is an innovative company offering and introducing cashless payment solutions to travel providers nationwide.  

Our mission is to provide everyday travelers with a secure and convenient way to pay for a ride.

For ride to Newark Call 1-866-666-6666
(this # CAN'T help with customer service)


  • Need a Ride to EWR?
    For transportation TO Newark Airport call 1-866-666-6666
    (this # can not help with customer service issues)
  • Lost & Found
    Please submit a customer service ticket and we will try to track down the cab that has your lost item. 
  • $20 for tolls?
    $20 is average round trip tolls for rides from EWR to NYC.
  • $5.50 Extra Charge?

    This is a fee for using the credit card voucher service

  • Dispute a Charge (Click Here) 

  • Need Receipt? (Click Here)

Toll Free Customer Service Center @ (844) 808-2944

Need a Ride to EWR? Call 1-866-666-6666